9 iOS and Android games to play on Boxing Day

Picture the scene: ‘Tis the day after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… because you’re all suffering from a food and booze hangover. 

You still want to play some games though because, well, it’s Boxing Day – the day to relax and feel guiltless about it. But that doesn’t solve the problem of how you can even play games when every movement is pain, and thought agony. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these nine games that barely need your input.

Bitcoin Billionaire – Get it on iOS or Android (free-to-play)

You start from the bottom and rise to the top to bathe in money and success in this incessant clicker!

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator – Get it on iOS or Android

Here you create your very own success story by starting your own YouTube channel.

You’ll tap away to make videos, gain views, gather subscribers, and climb to the top of the YouTube scene to kick Pewds off his throne. 

Pocket Trains – Get it on iOS or Android (free-to-play)

Nimblebit’s cracking little management sim will have you managing your own rail in no time.

Haul important cargo around the world and build up your train while you’re at it – all with the tap of a finger.

The Trail – Get it on iOS or Android

Probably as chilled as a game can get, The Trail is an exploration game where you travel around, collect goodies, trade, and eventually settle and build your own place. Ahhh, relaxing. 

The Oregon Trail – Get it on iOS or Android

Just like the trail, only with a little more wild, wild west, The Oregon Trail has you travelling for a place to settle down. Ahhh, relaxing…again. 

Tales from the Borderlands – Get it on iOS or Android

Easily the best Telltale game to date, Tales from the Borderlands is a narrative joy from the first minute to the last.

With brilliant humour, an exciting array of characters, and a story line that continues to grip you hours into it, this game’ll definitely help you through the headaches.