A Snake's Tale, a curious puzzler about maneuvering snakes around a board, heads to iOS and Android next week

Like solving puzzles in cramped environments and/or slippery snakes? You may want to keep an eye on A Snake’s Tale, launching next week on iOS and Android.

A Snake’s Tale is a minimal puzzler where you’ve got to help a little snake make its way through a cramped level to get to the hole. You start off just having to move a snake or two out of the way, but quickly the levels will incorporate others elements like button-pressing. 

With 80+ puzzles to solve and five different environments to get through, there could be a good challenge here. Don’t forget, you’ve got to keep an eye on your tiny, slithery snake body. 

Check out the trailer above to better understand the game. The puzzler will arrive on mobile and tablets next Tuesday, May 2nd, for £2.99/$ 2.99.