App Army Assemble: Subdivision Infinity – Has Galaxy on Fire got a new competitor?

Subdivision Infinity is a stunning sci-fi shooter published by Crescent Moon this week, and it’s gunning for Galaxy on Fire‘s throne.

You fly around space in a bunch of different levels, shooting enemies and other stuff. Navigating your shop is challenging, as it’s quite a twitchy game.

Upgrading your ship is important too, so you can stay competitive later in the game. You can upgrade your engine, guns, shields, and a variety of other components.

To earn resources to achieve that, you’ll want to mine asteroids and sell the ore. It’s a nice little side quest.

But is it any good? We certainly thought so, giving it a Bronze Award at review and saying: “There’s a decent chunk of space-based action here, but it loses its shine perhaps a little too quickly”.

We also asked the App Army what they thought, so read on to find out.

Laura Egri

This is a quite well done space shooter with excellent graphics, and a lot to do. It handles smoothly and there’s a good combo of tactics and shooting.

It does involve the usual grinding for crafting components in order to upgrade your ship and arsenal but it offers plenty of satisfying moments in exchange. 

As you evolve it gets more tricky so it might break your patience later but overall it’s a good action packed experience.

Tom-Donna Clark

I love the graphics in this game, though it took me a while to get used to the controls. I do like the game play – it kind of reminds me of the old dogfights in Wing Commander back in the day. Excellent game, a must have.

Camilla Wong

This game reminds me of my brother’s favourites, like Elite and Galaxy on Fire which I played but this one is a little more simple. The graphics are lovely and run very well on my phone 7 but make it hot. Free play is very fun. Enemies come constantly and you come back if you die, it’s madness!

Overall this seems a good game but I do have criticisms. Why do I have to play as a man? Ladies can be space pilots too! The controls are hard to get used to, to the point that the scenery is also a threat. Tilt controls would make the game better.

To collect blueprints you must fly around level looking for them, which is very boring. I like to shoot pirates and steal their booty. The mining is also not fun, you fly close to a rock and shoot. Like I say this is a good game but could be better with updates.

Barrett Bear Baker

Simple mechanics hide the fact that the focus here is on combat. As shallow as this sounds, the fun comes from the aggressive AI. Flying around a structure and getting heavily bombarded by bullets and seeing ships swirling around like locusts, all in a beautiful backdrop – there’s no way this game should be this fun.

It’s light on a lot of things like barrel rolling, cockpit view, and a secondary gun to switch to. The game feels like it’s made up of rounds too where you’re thrust into an arena with other objects floating around, stuck in their position.

I haven’t seen a space game yet where firing at an object pushed it around like how it would realistically happen. But those little qualms aside, if you have the extra money or the love of these simplistic space shooters, by all means buy this game up. You won’t be disappointed in the long run.

Louis Li

I’m a huge fan of Galaxy on Fire 2, and was disappointed with the third as it went F2P. This looks and plays just as well as those.

I don’t like that you have a target to aim for when shooting, as it makes the gameplay too simple. I’m hoping they introduce a hard mode which removes this and forces you to find the ships yourself.

Joseph Mark Maceiko

Subdivision Infinity is very good overall, and I’ve really enjoyed playing it. It’s not a particularly groundbreaking game, but it has enough going for it to keep me replaying.

The controls are tight and responsive, although it took me a few runs to get used to the speed that they move at. It’s fun to fly around, engaging in dogfights with enemy ships.

There are a decent number of missions and they’re varied enough to keep you entertained. Each area has several to complete, which lead up to a tough boss battle.

I had to use some strategy to defeat some of the bosses. Just flying straight at a boss usually leads to your ship being destroyed.

The graphics are beautiful and very detailed. The framerate is smooth and I have not seen any glitches. The music/sound effects are good and fit the game well. I highly recommend this game if you like space themed flight sim/shooter type games.

Quincy Jones

This didn’t do it for me. Then again I’m not big on flying games.

Yes I’ll agree that it looks great with the huge environments they created but it feels empty to me and I’d have liked to at least do barrel rolls.

There’s a pretty good system to earn currency and get upgrades but I’m not really motivated to stick around long enough to see the payoff.

It needs a deeper story or something to hold my attention


It’s a pretty standard space shooter. You fight in a series of missions to progress through a story. Gain XP and money which lets you buy and upgrade your ships and equipment to take on even tougher missions.

In between are mining jobs and other single missions to find blueprints to build better ships.

It looks good, the controls work and the progression is paced about right. Best of all though, there are no IAPs.