App Army Assemble: Under Leaves – A rather relaxing hidden object game

Under Leaves has an absolutely stunning aesthetic with hand-drawn, watercolour artwork. 

In this hidden object game, you’ve got to travel through six different areas and discover 21 different animals, each of whom would like you to perform other tasks before you move on. 

Whilst it may look great on the outside, the real worth lies in how the game actually plays. So, what did our App Army think of it? Let’s take a look. 

Tracie Bee

This game is addictive! Rather challenging too as what you need to find each level are so subtle. One thing I think the developer can improve on is the map, and what the next level is. The slight movement of the area you’re on isn’t as obvious, and could be improved to help others with sight impairments.

Other than that, it’s a fabulous game and one I hope that keeps improving for more new levels too.

Under Leaves is a very pleasant game, which is nice, delicate, and colorful. In all respects, we can note that the developers wanted to give personality to their creation. The gaming experience is relaxing and immersive. For a game of this kind, it is successful.

Tony Teulan

Having played hidden object games before, most of those being Mystery Case Files, I wasn’t expecting something so relaxing. Soothing ambient sounds, chilled music, and an art style to match are welcome changes from the cluttered environments common to the genre. You can also get a hint as to an object’s location by solving a simple jigsaw puzzle.

One feature I would have liked to see is an option to export any screen to the Camera Roll without UI elements in the way. Or, perhaps a mode for listening to any of the music outside of gameplay.

That said, this is a perfect casual game for all ages.

Harry Birnbaum

I played the game and it’s kind-of relaxing as is the background music, but the gameplay repetitive as all you do is find hidden items. The best part of the game is that there isn’t a time limit, which is ideal as you’ll need the time when the items get harder to find. If you can’t find an item there’s a slide puzzle to solve to help you find it, however you can only use it once, so save it for the last item.

It’s a simple game and anyone of any age can play it.

George Brawidjaya

I played the game for around 10 minutes and already reached the snake level. My first impression is “wow” – the atmosphere in this game is really good. Aside from the nice art and the background music/sound effects, it also runs very smooth on the iPad 2, and for me this is a really big plus.

The gameplay is sometimes repetitive, but still fun as the difficulty increases as the levels go on. The game is also good for children as they can learn shapes and colours.

A few suggestions: the game needs a lot more in terms of level variation, and I personally prefer pinch-in and pinch-out methods to zoom rather then double tap. Overall, this game is 10/10 for me, and a must-have for lovers of this genre.

Tobias Taylor

Very cute graphics and simple gameplay. I highly recommend this if you are a person with patience and/or have an eagle eye. Also, since there is a zoom-in mode to look more accurately, it plays very well on the iPhone.

Its a great casual game and I can see myself playing this more in the future.

Oksana Ryan

On the whole I enjoyed this game, but there were a couple of things that I felt could have been better. The objects were too easy to find, the backdrops were used again and again for different animals, which was disappointing, and the background sounds were very poor. That being said, I could imagine having a lot of fun playing this game with children.

Joshua Hudson

I picked this one up last night and almost immediately lost my iPad to my three year-old. We sat together and ran through the first four levels. So far I can say the color palette and sounds are soothing, and the challenge is decent for both kids and adults. I think this is one pretty much anyone can enjoy.

Antonio Santo

It takes a keen eye to play Under Leaves, but it really is something really beautiful. The game takes you on a journey through different landscapes, wonderfully painted in different shades of the same palette. You have to find several objects to feed the main animal of that landscape, just like in the hidden object games of our childhood, and they are devilishly well hidden.

Thanks to the soft colours and the delightful music, the search is not a tedious and frustrating experience, but rather a soothing one. A few minutes of Under Leaves when everyone’s gone to sleep is a great way to de-stress, and if your children ever see the game… well, say goodbye to your smartphone for a few hours.

This is a completely new type of hidden object game. I like it. I didn’t think I was going to, but found myself quite addicted. It’s actually relaxing with the music, and the sound effects really add to the atmosphere. When I’m a bit tired I will usually do a jigsaw to relax, but I know I will be putting this game on too. It’s very simple, but very good.

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