Best new iOS and Android games of the week: May 28

Wondering what’s worth playing on your iOS or Android device this week? Allow us to round up five of the best games from the past seven days.

This week we’ve got a couple of interesting ports, an epic spacey action game, and a new Pokemon game.

Have you been playing anything different this week? Let us know in the comments below.

By LINE Corporation – download on iOS / download on Android

This is how you handle a console conversion. Skullgirls takes the crazy art style and rich universe of the original, then completely rips the beat-’em-up controls and structure out and replaces them with something more mobile-friendly.

Jaipur: A Card Game of Duels
By Asmodee Digital – buy on iOS / buy on Android

A pleasantly fast-paced card game that doesn’t bog itself down with too much of the strategic stuff. Asmodee is rather good at this sort of thing, isn’t it?

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump
By The Pokemon Company – download on iOS / download on Android

You might not expect a new Pokemon game to be a glorified tamagotchi game with some clicker bits, but Magikarp Jump still has that magical ingredient that keeps you coming back for more.

Subdivision Infinity
By MistFly Games – buy on iOS

A simple space shooter with ace graphics and a gripping story. There’s plenty here to recommend.

Prison Architect: Mobile
By Introversion Software – download on iOS / download on Android

Another much-loved sim game comes to mobile. Prison Architect has you running a correctional facility, but it does so with a light touch and hefty sense of humour.