Dungeon Rushers gets a Never-ending Tower mini-expansion and drops in price for the first time

It’s been a while since we’ve touched on Dungeon Rushers but it looks like the game has two things to note this week: it got an update, and it’s on sale for the first time.

Dungeon Rushers is a tactical 2D RPG that we at Pocket Gamer rather fancied – so much so that it earned a very respectable Gold Award in its review

What’s new about the game is that it’s now got a free mini-expansion: Never-ending Tower. Here, you can play endless, procedurally generated levels to reach the top of the leader-board. However it can only be unlocked once you’ve completed the first zone of the main game. 

To celebrate the update, Dungeon Rushers is now discounted to £2.99/$ 2.99 from £4.99/$ 4.99. Grab it on the App Store or Google Play now.