Fall deeper into tactical dungeon puzzles in Plunge

In most roguelikes, you descend to the next level through a staircase or ladder. The in-development tactical roguelike Plunge is a tad more aggressive, having you leap down floor by claustrophobic turn-based puzzle floor. 

After landing with a floor-shaking impact, you must move turn-by-turn through the surreal sketched world of Plunge, evading attacks and traps, and using your swords and perks to outmaneuver and outflank danger.

Plunge‘s random enemies approach you with a wide range of weapons and gear, from spiked-shielded guards to long-distance spear throwers, among more colorful mutated beasts and towering bosses.

Perks gathered throughout your plummeting journey opens up your tactical options, such as the ability to push enemies away and finding better health pick-ups on deeper levels.

Plunge doesn’t have a release date yet, and is in development for iOS, Android, and Steam. You can learn more about the game here.