Slow time to a crawl in 10tons' upcoming dual stick shooter Time Recoil

Between the alien splattering of Crimsonland and the cyberpunk shootouts of Neon Chrome, 10tons has proved to be well versed in the art of dual stick action. Their next game Time Recoil only reinforces that, given its plethora of slow-motion chaos in the latest trailer.

While Time Recoil has only been revealed for PC and consoles at the moment, the ports of their previous games and the developer’s comment on Twitter indicate a mobile version is a very likely possibility as well.

Time Recoil says some visual similarities with the design of Neon Chrome, but while the later focused on futuristic battles, your missions here take you to the past and make time your most powerful weapon.

While traveling through different eras in the past, you wield the power to slow time, with each slowed kill extending the duration and unlocking special abilities. Your power to bend time lets Time Recoil throw overwhelming odds at you, turning battles into slow motion tableaus of blood, flying bodies, explosions, and debris.

More details on Time Recoil can be found the game’s site; we’ll be sure to keep you updated on new developments regarding potential mobile ports.