Tip: Google Assistant can share web articles on social media

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Google Assistant is one of the most interesting features the newest version of Android has to offer. When officially announced, Google only showcased the core capabilities of Assistant. These include the option of opening apps, playing a song from a certain artist, making notes, or creating reminders.

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As always, it seems there’s more beneath the surface than we initially thought.

A user on Google Plus has recently uncovered an interesting feature of the Assistant that can make sharing on social media faster and easier. When reading an article, a user can bring up the Assistant with a voice command (“OK Google”) and say “Share this on Twitter” or “Share this on Google Plus.”

The Assistant then prepares a tweet or a Google Plus post by copying the link of the article as well as its title, and then lets you share it with the world.

It’s worth noting that the feature currently only works with the already mentioned social networks (Twitter and Google Plus). But we do expect to see integration with Facebook, Google Allo, and maybe even some other services in the future. We also expect to uncover a few other nifty tricks that Google’s Assistant has to offer and when we do, you’ll be the first ones to hear about them.