We caught up with WeGo Interactive to talk tearing up tarmac and racing with friends in Re-Volt 3

Remember the days when you used to sit in your living room for hours, watching your remote-controlled cars drift around and round the track? WeGo Interactive does, and for the past few years it’s an experience they’ve made it their mission to perfect using their ever popular Re-Volt series, available to download now.

The franchise which has already enjoyed over 50 million downloads worldwide is back and better than ever with Re-Volt 3, having just been recently released for IOS and Android devices. With 70 individual vehicles to rally behind, 20 detailed and distinct race tracks, and the most customisation options ever seen in the Re-Volt series, it’s clear WeGo Interactive has been busy burning rubber during the game’s development.

Don’t let the miniature size of the RC cars fool you however, Re-Volt 3 makes swerving, drifting, and boosting a breeze, especially when you consider the level of tinkering available within Re-Volt 3’s in-game garage. Whether alone in the game’s solo career mode or online with friends, WeGo Interactive seem committed in offering players a deep racing experience with plenty to see and do.

With loads of new and awesome features to seek out and experience, we recently caught up with the folks at WeGo Interactive to find out a little more about what’s under Re-Volt 3’s hood.

What do you think your game offers that you can’t get from any other title on the App Store?

Re-Volt 3 is a Midcore game which combines toy’s (RC CAR) and action with Life-like Maps and racing from a fun and unique viewpoint in an RC car.

What inspired you to create the game?

Nostalgic childhood memories, especially of hanging out with friends around the neighbourhood alley.

What challenges did you face during development, and how did you overcome them?

Technically, we had a hard time developing the real-time multiplayer (Matching system using the Google Cloud Service Region). In general, we tried to modernize the game with all gamers in mind past and present. While some things have changed, some other things have remained the same, such as quality designs, graphics and challenging levels.

We’ve especially spent a lot of time on the new drift and booster features in this game, as well as optimizing it to make them easy for anyone to master the new features without compromising the feel of original Revolt games.

Which part of the game are you personally the most proud of and why?

We have upgraded the game to the latest mobile game trend by reinterpreting all the graphical elements and systems in a modern way while maintaining the advantages of the original Re-Volt series. As a result, I feel proud that Re-Volt3 appeals to not only the original Re-Volt users, but also anyone who is not familiar with racing games.

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates for the game and, if so, can you give us any details of what these might include?

In addition to the current 50 types of cars, we plan to continuously update 20 ~ 30 cars and more than 3 new maps every month. Soon, we are planning on developing a PC version on Facebook so that users can enjoy Revolt 3 in a PC web browser environment as well as mobile.

Also early next year, we plan to build online and offline league competitions and systems that will broadcast live games through an online broadcasting platform. Based on this experience, we plan to expand Re-Volt3 to a global e-SPORTS game.

If you can’t wait to start burning some rubber, you can download Re-Volt 3 right now on the App Store and Google Play.